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Mr. Kanhaiya Lal Dewangan resident of Chhattisgarh-Raigarh, a well known name of the world of traditional handloom garments, is present in front of you throught its institute, Onha.


The word onha is taken from the chhattisgarh language, which means garment.

Dewangan is a Weavers of Hinduism, whose traditional work is to weave garments throught handloom. in this same way , Shri Kanhaiya Lal Dewangan, who understands the intricate knit garments, got this knowledge specially from his father and grandfather. is.

Kosa also called tasar, is a type of silk which is naturally derived from the forest, therefor kosa is called body-friendly.

The purpose of Onha is not to earn profit but to promote traditional handloom garments and to provide employment to weavers, therefor, the customers are being provided with kosa and other handloom accessories of a nominal cost.

All the items displayed by the onha are of traditional and high quality and are certified by the indian silk mark organization, so book your order with a reluctant faith.


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